Partner with the global leader in furnished housing

Partner with the
global leader in furnished housing

Capitalize on the fastest-growing sector of multifamily housing with Blueground

Partner with us

Optimize your portfolio’s
performance with Blueground

Maximized NOI
& expedited capital events

Achieve stabilization at your assets and realize higher property level cash flows.

Expanded reach &
enhanced renter demand

Attract the next generation of renters and increase exposure for your asset via our website.

Extensive global footprint & infrastructure

Build a sustainable partnership with us and scale it across your multifamily portfolio.

Our vision

We partner with institutions and developers in the following ways:

New developments
Expedite lease-up, reduce vacancy loss, exceed proforma NOI, maximize year 1 cash flow, pay off construction loan faster
Stabilized assets
Fill the occupancy gap between 93% and 100%, eliminate turnover costs, gain security from down leasing cycles, earn higher property valuations
On-demand leasing
Advertise your asset on our site, we secure a tenant, then we sign a 3-12-month+ lease
Our business advantage
Premium multifamily assets combined with best-in-class hospitality
  • Partnerships: 1-2 year leasing agreements with flexible termination rights
  • Targets: strategically chosen city & residential locations
  • Minimum stay: 30-day+ stays for guests (3-month average)
  • Platform: highest-trafficked booking website in our space
  • Clients: $500M+ in annual revenue, $175M+ from B2B
Our tech advantage
We develop software and systems to create a scalable business for our landlord partners
  • Proprietary software: proptech that streamlines our operation
  • Vertical integration: supply chain that manufactures and distributes furniture
  • Global marketing: channel integration maximizing property visibility
  • Real-time pricing: optimizing occupancy and revenue
  • Direct booking: available on our website and mobile app

Our product

Turnkey housing provided by Blueground's award-winning design team and managed by our teams in your city.

Are you a furnished apartment operator?

If you are a professional furnished rental operator, join our invite-only booking platform and realize the benefit of increased demand from our expansive client database.

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