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perfect tenant

Blueground works with real estate apartment developers and owners to provide predictable and stable rental income.

Benefits to landlords and property managers

What landlords love
about Blueground:

No rental gaps

With guaranteed monthly rent payments from Blueground, you never miss out on income waiting for your next tenant.

Fully managed maintenance

Whether it’s appliance repairs to plumbing, Blueground handles all tenant requests.

No commission or hidden fees

You rent directly to us and, in return, we rent to vetted guests. We build our margins into the price charged to tenants, so there’s no need to give away a cut of your income.

Vetted guests

We work with a reliable network of business executives and use a variety of tools, including background checks, to ensure the integrity of our guests.

What makes Blueground different

Why developers choose Blueground:

No lease-up time

We move in on the very first day you open your doors.

Zero vacancies

Blueground pays monthly rent regardless of our occupancy rate. We provide you with steady, reliable income without the hassle of dealing with multiple tenants.

Solves market demand

Renters are looking for furnished homes at levels never-before-seen.

In it for the long haul

Blueground is in the business of growing long term partnerships with the aim to be an ideal tenant for multiple years.

Discover Blueground’s neighborhoods

Blueground operates over two million square feet of property across
Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Do you have apartments you would like to lease in other cities?

Does your property qualify?

We’re looking to bring on top-quality, unfurnished apartments in the areas named above, additionally, they should be:


A studio to three-bedroom apartment


Newly built or recently renovated

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If you have more than 5 units that you are looking to lease with Blueground,
reach out directly to our team

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Director of Real Estate
Cem Pekduraner
Director of Real Estate

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