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In times of uncertainty or crises, we understand the need to mobilize additional medical personnel, as well as address emergent healthcare staff needs that change by the day. Blueground is committed to offering flexible housing solutions for clinicians, hospital staff, patients and even their families looking for immediate and temporary accommodation.

Ideal housing solutions for medical staff

We offer fully-furnished and equipped apartments for stays of 30 days or longer, near major medical centers and hospitals across seven U.S. cities. Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General, the Children’s Hospital and New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery are just some of the leaders in medicine trusting their accommodation bookings to Blueground. It’s as easy as browsing online, booking today, and moving in tomorrow to a full-service apartment with everything you need -- thoughtful & functional furnishings, ready-to-use utilities, premium amenities, and convenient proximity to hospitals and the city center. Whether you’re a medical professional working around-the-clock shifts, a flexible-contract traveling worker in need of a place to stay, a postoperative patient on medical stay, or even hospital staff seeking self-quarantine for privacy & safety reasons -- we’ve got you covered. Blueground offers a new experience in modern living so you can focus on being on the front line, and come home to restore and recharge with peace of mind.

Ideal Housing Solutions for Travel Nurses

Blueground’s benefits
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Temporary apartments near hospitals

Blueground’s furnished rentals are ideally located near leading hospitals and specialized clinics. Oftentimes, you’ll find a home within walking distance of downtown medical centers so that you’re ready to be on call and close to what matters most. Our locations near medical hubs provide easy access for hospital staff, as well as travel nurses, elderly residents and their caretakers -- all of whom need to be within walking distance of hospital services.

Book with extra flexibility

Our serviced apartments by hospitals cater to swift planning in mind, so you can book, move-in, extend, or shorten a stay at a moment’s notice. With unforeseen circumstances like high patient influx, crisis control, or placements at other local or national hospitals, our month-to-month booking and flexible cancellation policy offers medical staff the leeway they need to tackle emergent on-the-job challenges.

Seamless booking process

With our live and regularly-updated website, browse, filter and book our accommodation options with a few clicks. Our listings include the latest set of photos, descriptions, floor plans, and building amenities, so you can search and book your temporary rental without needing to arrange a visit. If you are unable to find an apartment that suits your housing needs, our Sales team is available via phone or email to help answer any questions pertaining to your query or criteria.

One Team by Your Side

Affordable short-term rentals

When your stay exceeds two weeks, renting a furnished apartment is a more economical choice compared to renting extended stay hotels. With benefits such as cost-cutting to make the most of their travel reimbursement allowance, medical professionals avail the comfort and convenience of a fully-outfitted home. That means added savings when enjoying a kitchen to prepare at-home meals, in-building laundry facilities and even a gym or pool on-site, at times, to save on fitness club costs. Blueground’s team is always on hand to work out a payment plan that works with your needs and in line with your house hunt criteria.

All-inclusive service

Blueground’s tech-powered customer service assures guests have 24/7 optimal support, with a dedicated team on-hand to swiftly take care of professional cleaning, maintenance requests or specific rental queries. When you’re on the move, our Guest App allows you to manage your apartment from your mobile. Given the rigor of a clinician’s routine, the chat-based capability of the app provides real-time assistance from our local team while giving you hand-held control of your apartment’s features.

Amenity-Supported Living Experience

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