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Küçük Bebek

Furnished apartment in
Bebek, Istanbul

ID: M1
4 Bedrooms Furnished Apartment 4
2.5 Bathrooms Furnished Apartment 2.5
8 Guests Furnished Apartment 8
200 sq. m. Furnished Apartment 200
sq. m.
0 Floor Furnished Apartment 0

blueground blueground features

Serviced Apartment with On-going Support On-going Support
Serviced Apartment with WiFi WiFi
Serviced Apartment with Linen & Towels Linen & Towels
Serviced Apartment with Fully Equipped Kitchen Fully Equipped Kitchen
Serviced Apartment with Wide screen TV Wide screen TV
Serviced Apartment with Appliances Appliances


Furnished Apartment with Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Furnished Apartment with Dishwasher Dishwasher
Furnished Apartment with Hair Dryer Hair Dryer
Furnished Apartment with Iron Iron
Furnished Apartment with Microwave Microwave
Furnished Apartment with Oven Oven
Furnished Apartment with Satellite TV Satellite TV
Furnished Apartment with Refrigerator Refrigerator
Furnished Apartment with Sunbeds Sunbeds
Furnished Apartment with Washing Machine Washing Machine
Serviced Apartment with Double glazed windows Double glazed windows
Serviced Apartment with Garden Garden
Serviced Apartment with Nightlife Nightlife
Serviced Apartment with Shops Shops

Description & details

The house is located in the most sought after location, Bebek.

Bebek is a well known and highly sought out area in Istanbul. World class restaurants, bars, shops and Bebek marina are within walking distance. Life in Bebek is certainly one to be enjoyed. 

Services on demand

Furnished Apartment with Cleaning Cleaning
Furnished Apartment with Maintenance Maintenance