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Spine - 104

Furnished apartment in
Maslak, Istanbul

ID: 104
2 Bedrooms Furnished Apartment 2
2.5 Bathrooms Furnished Apartment 2.5
4 Guests Furnished Apartment 4
165 sq. m. Furnished Apartment 165
sq. m.
Furnished Apartment with City View
City View
43 Floor Furnished Apartment 43
Furnished Apartment with Garage Space
Garage Space

blueground blueground features

Serviced Apartment with On-going Support On-going Support
Serviced Apartment with WiFi WiFi
Serviced Apartment with Linen & Towels Linen & Towels
Serviced Apartment with Fully Equipped Kitchen Fully Equipped Kitchen
Serviced Apartment with Espresso Machine Espresso Machine
Serviced Apartment with Wide screen TV Wide screen TV
Serviced Apartment with Marshall Speaker Marshall Speaker
Serviced Apartment with Appliances Appliances


Furnished Apartment with Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Furnished Apartment with Dishwasher Dishwasher
Furnished Apartment with Hair Dryer Hair Dryer
Furnished Apartment with Iron Iron
Furnished Apartment with Microwave Microwave
Furnished Apartment with Oven Oven
Furnished Apartment with Refrigerator Refrigerator
Furnished Apartment with Dryer Dryer
Furnished Apartment with Washing Machine Washing Machine
Serviced Apartment with Pool Pool
Serviced Apartment with Double glazed windows Double glazed windows
Serviced Apartment with Elevator in the building Elevator in the building
Serviced Apartment with Gym Gym
Serviced Apartment with Shower Shower
Serviced Apartment with Shops Shops
Serviced Apartment with Metro Metro

Description & details

Rising above Maslak’s skyline, Spine Tower is a round shaped, 47 floor residence in İstanbul’s European side. Located within the 43rd to 47th floors of the building, residences boast panoramic views of the Bosphorus from the eastern front; Belgrad Forest and Black Sea from the northern. 

The pool, fitness, sauna and steam rooms offer a soothing atmosphere where residents can have some quality time reenergizing and relaxing.

Rest assured that the apartment itself is as charming as the building and its amenities. The main hallway opens to a circular, characterful living room. The modern built-in kitchen is standing behind the hand-crafted wooden dining table. With bright accessories, study desks, and pillowy king sized beds both bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms; making you feel like you are in a white marbled spa.

Services on demand

Furnished Apartment with Cleaning Cleaning
Furnished Apartment with Maintenance Maintenance