Your Guide to Blueground’s Pricing

Key factors that impact pricing and how you can make the most of your booking

Like with all pricing decisions, considering a few key criteria from the get-go can help ensure that you land on what works best for you.

Similar to buying an airline ticket or renting a car, we follow a dynamic pricing model. That means Blueground pricing is driven by algorithmic software that determines the optimal price based on certain factors like seasonality, availability, duration, and more.

By exploring different combinations of these elements within your booking search, you can control the pricing outcome of your Blueground stay.

Whatever you land on in the end, rest assured that you’ll enjoy the convenient, quality, and hassle-free experience that we deliver to every one of our guests around the world.

What factors can affect, and improve your apartment's pricing?


Seasonality and location

Like many industries, our prices fluctuate depending on the time of year. This impacts the demand in each city based on the specific season. For instance, summer is typically a more popular season than winter to live in Chicago, while the opposite is true for Dubai.

Our pricing tends to be higher when more guests are interested in staying in the same place at the same time (primarily concentrated around the start or end of the month). This can lead to instances where too many guests are trying to check out the last week of the month, causing imbalances in supply and less time to fully and properly prepare our homes for the next guest.

In an effort to optimize availability for as many properties as possible for our guests, our pricing often incentivizes mid-month check outs (e.g., 2nd or 3rd week of the month).



In general, the longer you commit to staying with us, the more you save. Due to seasonal pricing, however, some apartments may be less expensive for short-term stays during the city’s low season. Just keep in mind that the price for these properties will likely increase in the future if you decide to extend your stay.



Our website shows the real-time availability for all apartments, and you can see the earliest possible move-in date for a given property on both the market page with all listings and the property detail page. When you view a property's availability calendar on its detail page, you may see that you can move in on any date within a year of the availability date, or you may see that there are specific periods during which the apartment is unavailable because other guests have made bookings. In general, you can save money by booking a move-in closer to an apartment's availability date.


Payment options

You can save on your total by paying upfront. For additional savings, we recommend that you pay by Bank transfer or Instant bank transfer (currently only available in the US). Please also remember that paying by credit card incurs a charge.


Parking and pet fees

While we offer free perks wherever possible, many of our partner buildings collect fees for amenities like parking and pets. Be sure to add those onto your booking to ensure you see correct pricing, and so that our team can properly prepare the building for your arrival.

The inside scoop on booking made easier

Before you enter your dates of stay, our website displays the best available price for an apartment. Enter your dates at the top of the page to view relevant pricing for your booking. Similar to booking a flight, your monthly rate ultimately depends on your specific dates of stay.

Want to see a complete cost breakdown for a certain apartment? Click the blue button that says “Add dates for prices” on a listing and follow the prompts. For complete transparency with our guests, our pricing breakdown and payment timeline show you exactly where your payment goes.

For the best apartment and price for you, consider your priorities. Are your move-in and move-out dates set in stone? Does location matter the most? The more flexible you are, the wider your range of options will be.

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Have questions? Need help booking your next stay?

Don’t hesitate to reach out by messaging us here. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect apartment where you’ll feel at home and free to roam.