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Landing a sublet in NYC can be a lifesaver for those looking for the immediacy, flexibility and a move-in ready set-up that comes with short-term rentals. Those in the market for a legal NYC sublet, a.k.a. the sublessee, can rent for a defined period of time from a sublessor, otherwise known as the original tenant. Another scenario is that you, as the sublessee, take over the remainder of the sublessor’s original lease and have your spot saved when it comes to drafting a new lease with the landlord. - The term ‘sublet’ can also just be short-hand for any form of short-term lease that doesn’t lock you into a year-long rental contract.

The benefits? The convenience of a short-term sublet in New York offers you the flexibility to pivot with life’s twists & turns. No more lease negotiations, double rent payments, hiring movers or investing in buying costly new furniture. Not being locked into a yearly lease in a specific neighborhood of New York means that you can relocate easily as dictated by a project timeline, new job, academic year or neighborhood envy.

With Blueground, move-in ready, furnished sublets across NYC fit a host of housing needs. Complete and comfortable furnishings set in place from day one, professionally sanitized and serviced spaces, and the ability to tour and book online without needing to arrange an open-house visit provide all the conveniences and necessities required for an optimal extended stay experience. You’ll have your pick of our smartly-decorated Manhattan sublets all available to book starting at 30 days, and easily renewed for a month, year or more. See why we’re considered a top no-fee apartment provider in NYC and preferred by subtenants for premium temporary housing.

Sublet apartments in New York
Sublet apartments in New York
Sublet apartments in New York

How to find a furnished NYC sublet

Long left to NYC sublet-focused Facebook groups, lease break marketplaces and Craigslist ads, the search for a furnished NYC sublet has been a strenuous endeavor with imperfect housing options -- dated furniture, incongruent lease dates, & far-out locations among other headaches. On the other hand, others have found sometimes illegal and certainly costly sublets in NYC through Airbnb where nightly rates easily match the price of a Manhattan hotel.

Sublet apartments in New York

New York sublet apartments for an
open-ended stay

For additional flexibility, you may be interested in a furnished NYC sublet that offers month-to-month renewals. Those waiting on a house or apartment to be built, or are working on a management consulting project with open-ended deadlines will want a home signed to a flexible sublet agreement.

Sublet apartments in New York

Furnished summer sublets in NYC

Whether for a summer course at Columbia or NYU, or a summer internship at one of the Big Four, the demand for a furnished NYC sublet reaches a fever pitch in the summer. Depending on your budgetary constraints and tolerance for a commute, you may also look into finding a roommate for your summer sublet in New York.

Sublet apartments in New York

Short-Term NYC sublets

Performers, athletes, researchers and other professionals may only need their NYC sublet apartment for a set duration. A short-term NYC rental is ideal for those that want to waste no time in settling in, find themselves in between leases, or wish to make the most of their handful of months in the city.

For peak flexibility and head-turning decor, look no further than Blueground’s furnished NYC sublet apartments. When signing a monthly sublet with Blueground, you’ll benefit from:

Move-in and move-out ready, exactly on the dates you want: we know that life can’t wait on a lease that starts on the first of the month, or arranging a move mid-week. That’s why you get to choose your precise sublet start and end dates with Blueground.
Spaces that kids and pets will love: You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to pet-friendly sublets in NYC through Blueground, within walking distance to city parks & local dog parks. Additionally, our team can also refurnish certain two-bedroom sublets as kids rooms to make it feel that much more like home.
Renew and modify as necessary: Your flexible lease with Blueground include the ability to move between apartments in different parts of New York whether you need to be in a new area, or in case you find yourself requiring more space (e.g., a visiting guest, a home office space to work from home, etc.). Move out early or stay longer (subject to availability) by modifying your stay directly from our Guest App.
Professionally disinfected: You’re in good hands when moving into Blueground’s fully-sanitized sublet apartments. We’ll even leave you with a supply of eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure you’re safe & set from day one.
Sublet rentals like you’ve never seen before: Our Interior Design team has carefully considered the space in each of our homes to furnish it with both high style and functionality.
Save on broker’s fee: Our no-fee apartments across NYC can be booked online without a real estate agent. Our video and virtual tours are perfect for a contactless impression of your NYC sublet, followed up with paperwork signed online.

Struggling to find a sublet in NYC?

Blueground’s range of sublets across NYC is available when you are -- whether that means a move-in tomorrow, in a week or later in the year. What’s more, you can secure your summer sublet months in advance -- no more hedging your bets on a last-minute apartment and scrambling to and fro. With Blueground, you pay exactly for the days that you need rather than according to your sublessor’s schedule. Discover why Blueground’s furnished homes make for the best move-in ready solutions for those in search of an ideal NYC sublet.
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