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Rent your property
to Blueground

Blueground leases and furnishes high quality properties and, subsequently, rents them out to senior business travelers on a medium and long-term stay basis.
To date, thousands of owners have trusted their properties to Blueground!
Higher, Steady Yield

We guarantee steady cash-flow maximizing the property's annual yield.

Screened Guests

Vetted business executives who stay for one month or longer.

No Maintenance Hassle

We handle all maintenance issues in a highly professional manner.

Full Flexibility

Flexible contracts that can be
released on short notice.

More than 2400 owners trust us
"Blueground is the 'perfect tenant'. My property is always in impeccable condition, they pay on time, and the professional profile of their tenants makes me feel 100% assured. Fully recommended!"
Peter Walichnowski
Property οwner, Dubai
Blueground is amazing! They handle my property in the best possible way. Also, they managed to give a new perspective to my “boring” apartment. They take care of the house and always pay on time. What else do you need from a tenant? Thank you guys!
Timos Kouremenos
Property onwer, Athens
We are very glad we trusted our property to Blueground. They look after and respect our property, like we would do. We highly recommend them!
Alexandros Kolovos
Property onwer, Athens
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Property Size:
From studios up to 3 bedrooms
Newly built or renovated
We are making waves...
Blueground Bets Big On The Business Traveler
Blueground creates experiences by furnishing, equipping and decorating residential units
A new Dubai entity that adds a new dimension in the corporate travel

Frequently asked questions

Why should I trust my property to Blueground? What makes Blueground different?
Why should I trust my property to Blueground? What makes Blueground different??

Quite simply, Blueground will be your perfect tenant. We ensure maximum yield, steady cash-flow of your rental payments, and at the same time we raise the value of your real estate investment.
Our offering is differentiated in the following ways:
  • We do not just manage your property. We actually rent the apartment from you for the long-run
  • We will be paying you the rent every month for the duration of our agreement
  • We work with large multinational companies and host their business professionals for at least one month with an average period of nine months.
  • We offer full property management and maintenance services without charging any fees like property managers
  • Our contracts are flexible, giving you the option to take your property back for other uses, within a short-term notice

How long will Blueground rent my property for?
How long will Blueground rent my property for?

Our aim is to hold each property for at least three years; our minimum contract duration is 1 year. We want to have a steady list of properties for the long-run, so we build happy, long-term partnerships with our property owners.

Who will stay in my apartment?
Who will stay in my apartment?

Blueground offers corporate accommodation services to more than 80 large multinational companies in Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C. Thus, the typical Blueground guest is a senior business executive who needs accommodation for a medium and long-term stay basis (one month or longer). The average stay period of our guests is nine months. Outside of corporate guests, we also host embassy staff, freelancers and individual business travelers.

What happens when there is no tenant?
What happens when there is no tenant?

Keeping the apartments under rent is our responsibility. As far as you are concerned, your property is occupied 100% of the time. So, even if there is no tenant during a specific period, you have nothing to worry about, as Blueground guarantees to pay the rent.

Should my apartment be furnished or unfurnished in order for Blueground to lease it?
Should my apartment be furnished or unfurnished in order for Blueground to lease it?

In most cases we prefer to take unfurnished properties and furnish them. With that said, we do examine each property on a case-by-case basis. If your property is furnished, we will need to review the furniture and discuss the available options.

What happens if a guest damages the property?
What happens if a guest damages the property?

While we have rarely experienced any recorded damages, Blueground is liable to the owner for any potential damages. Furthermore, since we address all maintenance issues, we ensure that every property stays in impeccable condition at all times.
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