Show Up. Start Living.

Blueground is a real estate tech company offering beautifully furnished and thoughtfully equipped apartments for stays ranging from 30 days to a year or longer.

Our Vision
Make people feel at home wherever they choose to live.
We are on a mission to create a tech powered living experience that guests love, homed in an organization where great people are proud to work.

We lease carefully selected, ideally located apartments and upgrade them to fully furnished and thoughtfully equipped homes... so people can simply show up and start living from day one.
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Our Story
Blueground was founded in April 2013 in Athens, Greece, as a result of our CEO and co-founder's experience as a business consultant and traveler. Currently active in nine markets across the globe - including six cities in the US - Blueground seeks to solve a lot of the hassles Alex experienced first-hand, as both a frequent business traveler and expat. Chief among them: how we can give people a place that feels like home and help them start living from day one.
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The Problem We Are Solving
For our tenants:
Whether it's the endless amount of paperwork, time spent finding the right location or cost of furnishing a new space, renting an apartment can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With Blueground, the renting experience becomes efficient, streamlined and hassle free. We do all the legwork so you can focus on living your life. And for business guests, we’re providing a better "at home" experience that's typically more spacious and more affordable than a hotel.

For our landlords:
Leasing out an apartment is often costly and time-consuming. It involves getting in touch with multiple agents or hiring expensive property management companies. Tenants may also cause damages, while the risk of vacant apartments leads to a loss of income. At Blueground, we typically lease numerous apartments before they hit the market, with a goal of holding them for many years, ensuring landlords steady cash flow and value-added financing solutions that maximize a property’s annual yield.
Our Values
Blueground By The Numbers
The Team
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