Feel at home, free to roam
Feel at home,
free to roam

Experience the home that moves with you for a month, a year, or longer with a global network of designer, furnished apartments.

Welcome to the future of living

Find the peace of mind, flexibility, and confidence to explore your latest adventure — a new work gig, a home in between leases, or travel fever — with the ease and comfort of a Blueground home.

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Now offering our lowest rates for 1+ year stays

With our newest program, Live@Blueground, unlock additional savings & flexibility when booking an apartment long-term in the U.S., Europe or Middle East.

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Revolutionizing the rental game

Home, but better


While helping you live like a true local in a new neighborhood or city, we elevate each day with exclusive partner services* — from meal kits and wine delivery to on-demand fitness and car rentals.

*partner services available vary by city

Bespoke design

Every home is outfitted from top to bottom by a professional interior designer with exclusive furniture that's designed, sourced, and produced by our team.

Everyday living, upgraded

Each space features high-speed Wi-Fi, work space upgrade options, smart home entertainment, kitchenware, and access to gyms and pools in select buildings.*

*amenities vary by building & city

Streamlined tech experience

Search our live listings online, book instantly, and move in easily. Then use our guest app for support, home cleanings, and more.

Select, book & manage your stay with just a few taps

Real stories, real people

Hear what our guests have to say.

Global Footprint

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Hosting thousands of guests and
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Reinventing living for:

The minimalist

Guests looking to travel light, with an eco-conscious approach to living.

The explorer

Renters excited to hop around, experiment, and discover a new apartment, neighborhood, or city.

The business traveler

Employees and mobility managers searching for a quality, tech-savvy alternative to hotels.

The student

Students seeking housing that offers savings, flexibility, convenience and campus proximity. Discover our new student housing solution: Studentground

Live better by making Blueground your next home

Save time and money without sparing style.